Aloe Vera macerate
Anti-aging day cream

Native gel of aloe vera bio

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Composition of the aloe vera bio gel

Native juice of aloe vera bio

The Aloe Vera juice used is obtained according to the traditional method of cold pressing, so as not to alter the benefits of Aloe Vera. The juice is extracted manually and is certified organic MA-BIO-102

Xanthan Gum

Gelling agent of natural origin


Curator authorized by Ecocert

INCI : Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Xanthan Gum, Benzyl Alcohol*, Dehydroacetic Acid*

* Conservative authorized by Ecocert

Aloe Vera is a plant with a thousand virtues. Its gel can be used by both young and old, and is suitable for all skin and hair types.

Aloya Aloe Vera gel is certified "Organic" by CCPB srl (MA-BIO-102).

Benefits for hair

  • Moisturizes hair

  • Regulates sebum secretion

  • Stimulates blood circulation of the scalp

  • Soothes irritation and itching of the scalp and repairs it

  • Tame frizz

Aloya Aloe Vera gel is certified "Organic" by CCPB srl (MA-BIO-102).

Benefits for the skin

  • Moisturizes the skin

  • Prevents the appearance and proliferation of pimples

  • Relieves superficial burns

  • Soothes redness and itching

  • Stimulates skin repair

  • Regenerates the skin and slows down skin aging

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