It all started with damaged hair.

After burning my hair with blow-drys and straightenings, I finally decided to assume my wild and indomitable curls.

After cutting a small part to try to save them, I discovered that it was not enough and that I needed to review my entire hair routine.

So I started to take an interest in the composition of the products I was using and realized that despite all the goodwill to regain my childhood hair, the products I was using had a function similar to makeup. Instead of caring for my hair and protecting it, they camouflaged it by giving it a beautiful ephemeral appearance without treating it thoroughly.

It was from that moment that I had the click for produits naturels, and especially for aloe vera.

I discovered the virtues of this plant, and little by little, I began to adopt a whole new lifestyle, which advocates naturalness, and this, for my whole body.

After several experiments, I started to make all my cosmetics at home, in an artisanal way, with products that revolved around this plant for which I fell in love.

What was initially only a desire to find my curls that I had missed so much, turned into a real passion that I wanted to transmit to my entourage.

One thing led to another, I began to offer them my products, and after having a satisfactory feedback from them, I decided to make it my job in order to share the benefits of natural with as many people as possible.

Turning to artisanal produits naturels means not only taking care of yourself, but also of the planet by avoiding manufacturers who offer a large number of chemicals.

Before the transition to the produits naturels Aloya
(Natural hair, without blow-drying)

After adopting the natural Aloya routine

Yasmine - Co-founder

" The inspiration behind this project can be summed up in one word: PASSION.
I am passionate about what I do, I make each product handcrafted with the greatest care. The products are made by myself in my workshop in Agadir.
Why Agadir? Because I decided to leave my beautiful Casablanca to settle as close as possible to raw materials, including certified organic Aloe Vera, which appreciates the climate of the region."